Month: July 2018...

Man Dies After Assaulting Woman

***UPDATE*** NEW INFORMATION   Based on new information obtained by Yakima Police Department detectives, the death of a 57-year old man who died last night is not being ruled a… Read More

Unitentional Homicide

5/30/18       News Release   Yakima Police (“YPD”) Investigators have determined that a shooting which occurred on Saturday, May 26th was an unintentional homicide. YPD Detectives were able… Read More

Yakima Police Department K-9 Unit Gets Huge Donation

On Wednesday, July 12th, 2018,  a check for $23,500 was presented to the Yakima Police Department K-9 Unit at the Yakima Valley Pippins game at Yakima County Stadium. The check… Read More

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