Man Dies After Assaulting Woman



Based on new information obtained by Yakima Police Department detectives, the death of a 57-year old man who died last night is not being ruled a homicide, at this time. The man died after he was assaulted after several people attempted to stop him from assaulting a woman. Preliminary autopsy results are inconclusive, but did rule out head trauma as a cause of death. The actual cause of death is still to be determined, so therefore no murder charges will be filed at this time. The 38-year-old man arrested this morning in connection with the incident will be charged with 2nd degree-assault and not 2nd degree-murder as reported earlier. Yakima Police Detectives continue to investigate the incident and are currently looking for a second suspect.


This morning a 38-year-old transient male was arrested by Yakima Police Department detectives in connection with the homicide and is facing a possible charge of accomplice to 2nd Degree murder.


 On Sunday, July 15th at 9:26 pm, Yakima Police Department (“YPD”) officers responded to a reported physical domestic situation near 110 South Naches Avenue. When officers arrived, they found a 57-year-old man sitting on the ground outside the Connections Transitional Apartments. The man had been struck in the head with either a baton or baseball bat and was in need of medical attention. He was soon taken to a local hospital where he died from his injuries. Several witnesses said the victim was hitting a woman in front of the apartment and several other people tried to break it up.  YPD detectives were called to the scene and are investigating the homicide by following up on leads to identify the suspect or suspects. Many of the people involved in the incident are homeless, however, the victim was a resident of the Connections Transitional Housing.



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