A volunteer training program for young adults interested in Law Enforcement.

Interested in becoming a Police Explorer?

Law Enforcement Exploring may be right for you. This is a program sponsored by the Yakima Police Department and  affiliated with the Boy Scouts of America. Exploring is designed to give young men and women, who are interested in a  career in Law Enforcement, an opportunity to gain first hand knowledge of the career field by working side by side with Police Officers.


Explorers perform traffic control at city events, appear at community functions, provide security for local groups, and other crime prevention activities.

Explorers also ride along with Yakima Police Officers on uniformed patrol, assisting with various duties.

There are competitions with other Exploring posts from around the state and nation on a regular basis.


  • Membership in the post is open to anyone between the ages of 16 and 21. You must have an exemplary personal background and the desire to make a strong personal commitment to the post. There are attendance and work performance standards once you are accepted into the post.
  • Because of the sensitive nature of information that Explorers come into contact with while working in the Police Department, it is vital to recruit a very high caliber of youth for the post.


  • Weekly meetings held at the Yakima Police Department consist of law enforcement training, including:
    • Radio procedures
    • Officer safety
    • Rules and regulations
    • Report writing
    • Criminal and civil laws
    • Preservation of evidence
    • Search and seizure laws
    • Collision investigations
    • Felony arrest procedures
    • Traffic stops
  • State academies are held twice a year. Each Explorer is required to attend one week-long academy a year. Academy fees are paid by the Department.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I become a Police Explorer?
    • Come to one of the weekly meetings held each Thursday at 6:00 pm at the Yakima Police Department.
  • What about the application process?
    • You must attend 3 meetings, pass an oral interview, background check, and polygraph exam. If you are a student, you must provide your most recent school transcript.
  • Do Explorers wear a uniform?
    • Uniforms and accessories are provided by the Department. Each Explorer does purchase their own duty boots.
  • What are the benefits of Police Exploring?
    • Explorers earn community services for college portfolios. There are also scholarships that are only open to Explorers and you earn real-life Police experience through ride alongs and training.
  • What is academy like?
    • The academy is para-military and is similar to a boot camp.
  • Do I have to be interested in being a Police Officer to be an Explorer?
    • No. Exploring is open to anyone who meets the qualifications and is valuable experience for any career field.

Career Opportunities

Current and alumni members of this award-winning organization have found positions in the Yakima Police Department and other Law Enforcement agencies as Police Officers, Reserve Police Officers, law enforcement dispatchers and services personnel.


Candidates should contact Officer Casey Kim at (509) 576-6554 (Casey.Kim@yakimawa.gov) or Officer Efren Morfin at (509) 576-6788 (Efren.Morfin@yakimawa.gov).