Yakima Police Department’s Lip Sync Video Goes Viral

After several weeks of preparation, filming, and editing, the Yakima Police Departments Lip Sync Challenge was released on Monday, August 13th, 2018. The YPD’s response to a national challenge has been a huge success, with over 350,000 views in the first seventy-two hours after it was posted on all of the YPD’s social media platforms. The video features Yakima Police Chief Dominic Rizzi, several members of the department along with members of the Yakima Fire Department, Yakima County Sheriffs Office and members of the community. The video’s final scene was during the Downtown Summer Night’s event on North Front Street.


You can also view the video it on the YPD Facebook and YouTube pages. 

A big thanks to everyone involved with putting the video together, with special thanks to producer and director Sean Davido with the City of Yakima’s Public Affairs Channel.




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