The Services Division provides a variety of support services to the operational divisions of the department, as well as to the public.


The Police Services Manager, along with four police services leads are responsible for planning, organizing and directing the day to day activities of the Services and Records division.

The Police Services Specialists assigned to the Services and Records units are the primary point of public contact for most telephone and walk-in traffic. They are responsible for all of the data-entry, records management, and statistical reporting functions of the department. In addition, they provide various customer services including issuance of concealed pistol permits, performing local records checks, fingerprinting for professional licensing, and preparing reports for public disclosure

A police services lead and additional personnel, oversee the Evidence / Property management unit in the Services Division. They process, catalogue, store and dispose of several thousand articles of evidence and found property collected annually by the Police Department. Most of these items are eventually returned to their owners, but many must be maintained indefinitely for future retrieval and presentation in criminal prosecutions.