Yakima Police Encouraging People to More Securely Store Firearms

The Yakima Police Department (YPD) says that over the last six months, it has investigated more than 50 individual incidents in which some 70 firearms were stolen.  Firearms were stolen during burglaries, car prowls and other theft-related incidents.

Those are concerning numbers to police.  As a result, the YPD is encouraging firearms owners to be more careful and deliberate when storing guns they own.

“People often ask what they can do to help police fight violent crime,” said Yakima Police Lieutenant Chad Stephens.  “It’s simple – secure your firearms.  Keeping guns in the hands of their legal owners goes a long way toward reducing crime,” said Stephens.

Guns stolen from their registered owners are often traded for drugs, sold to criminals, and used in a variety of crimes ranging from robbery to homicide.

“Leaving your gun in a locked car is not equal to securing it,” said Stephens.  “A firearm properly stored in a vehicle should be kept in a secondary lock box that is securely attached to your vehicle.  The same is true for guns in your home,” said Stephens.  “If you are not carrying your gun when you are at home, don’t leave it just lying around.  Secure your firearm at home in a quick access lock box or a safe,” said Stephens.

Click on the following link to see gun storage safety tips from Giffords Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence, a non-profit organization dedicated to saving lives from gun violence – https://lawcenter.giffords.org/gun-laws/policy-areas/child-consumer-safety/safe-storage/

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