YPD Benefit Details

Salary Schedule

(as of January 1, 2023)

STEP A (at hire)$39.39$6,827$81,929
STEP B (6 Months)$42.56$7,377$88,521
STEP C (18 Months)**$44.93$7,788$93,460
STEP D (30 Months)$46.85$8,121$97,450
STEP E (42 Months)$53.36$9,249$110,988
-Wages reflect Deferred Comp Contribution-
**Lateral Officers enter at Step C
Clothing Allowance
  • Plain Clothes Position (Investigations, Task – $80 monthly
  • Uniformed Patrol Positions – $300 bi-annual boot allowance

Differential Pay

  • Field Training Officers: 5.0%
  • Bilingual Officers: 3.0%
    (Spanish and American Sign Language)
    • 5.0% for bilingual & biliterate Spanish
  • Investigative Assignments: 3.0%
    (Criminal Investigations, Narcotic Investigations, Traffic Investigations, Interagency Task Forces)
  • Crisis Response Unit: 2.0%
  • SWAT: 3.0%
  • Motorcycle Patrol: 3.0%
  • K9 Duty: 3.0%
  • Gang Unit: 1.75%
  • Shift Differential: Patrol division officers receive shift premiums ranging from 1% to 2.25% depending on shift start time.
Education Incentive
  • AA Degree: 1.5%
  • BA Degree: 3.0%
  • MA Degree: 4.0%


Members of the Yakima Police Patrolman’s Association receive a bank of 12 paid holidays on January 1.

Sick Leave

Employees start with 120 hours of sick leave upon hire. After one year of employment, employees accrue ten hours of sick leave each month.

Deferred Comp

Employer paid 6.0% salary contribution to a pre-tax supplemental retirement plan.


2.0% monthly deposit into City-sponsored Healthcare Savings Account.

Annual Leave

Accrual of annual leave monthly escalating, depending on length of service.

After 1 Full Year85 hours (40 hours may be taken after 6 months)
After 2 Full Years101 hours
After 5 Full Years125 hours
After 10 Full Years165 hours
After 15 Full Years189 hours
After 20 Full Years197 hours
After 25 Full Years205 hours

Health Insurance

Health insurance, including limited vision care and dental insurance, for LEOFF II employees and their dependents. Currently, there is no out of pocket premium for employee only coverage.

Employee Only$0
Employee + 1 Dependent$35.90
Employee + 2 Dependents$71.79
Employee + 3 Dependents$107.69

The City of Yakima offers a program that is on the cutting edge of employee healthcare. MiCare is a City-provided healthcare clinic available to employees and their dependents on the City of Yakima Healthcare plan. The MiCare clinic offers 20 minute doctor appointments, generic prescriptions, general lab work, all at no out of pocket cost!


Longevity payments above and beyond normal salary depending on length of service.

After 4 Years1.5%
After 9 Years3%
After 14 Years5.5%
After 19 Years7%
After 24 Years10%


Membership in the Washington State Law Enforcement Officers and Firefighters Retirement System.

Employee Contribution8.41%
Employer Contribution5.23%
State Contribution3.36%
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