The Special Assault Unit is comprised of one (1) sergeant and six (6) investigators.  The YPD Special Assault Unit investigates all sexual assaults that occur in Yakima.  Victims range from infants to the elderly and can be developmentally delayed or otherwise unable to knowingly consent to sexual relations with the offender.

The tracking of sex offenders also takes place out of the Special Assault Unit where level I, II, and III sex offenders is a full-time job.  Additionally, all Domestic Violence investigations are assigned to this unit which requires working closely with various advocacy groups.

Close partnerships with the Department of Social and Health Services, the YWCA and others allow for full wrap-around services for the victims of special assaults.  Further, assignment to the SAU requires a significant amount of training in such areas as Child Forensic Interviews, Sexual Assault Interviews and Internet Based Crimes Against Children.