The Major Crimes Unit (MCU) is comprised of one (1) sergeant and five (5) investigators.  MCU personnel investigate homicides, other suspicious deaths, serious assaults, (including but not limited to shootings and stabbings), robberies, missing persons and other major felonies committed in the Yakima City limits.

YPD Major Crimes Unit investigators are highly trained, seasoned investigators with a work history which reveals a tendency to be tenacious street level investigators prior to their assignment with the MCU.  These investigators work very long and irregular hours, especially during the initial hours of a homicide or other major felony crime investigation.  Further, trials in the MCU are often very long, complex and highly publicized.  Further, with a likely lengthy prison sentence for individuals convicted of a major felony crime, it is incumbent upon the MCU supervisor and investigator(s) to ensure that thorough case preparation is always the rule.