For information on inmates at the Yakima City Jail, please call 509.575.3571

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The City Jail began operation in 1996 following completion of the City’s new Police Station/Legal Center. For the preceding twenty years, the City contracted with the County Jail for housing all of its offenders.

Under the general supervision of the Special Operations Lieutenant and three Corrections Sergeants, personnel assigned to this division are responsible for the care and custody of offenders charged with and/or convicted of misdemeanor crimes occurring within the City of Yakima. An additional eleven Corrections Officers and two Corrections Administrative Specialists round out the staffing of this 70 bed, full-service jail facility.

Corrections Officers are directly responsible for the care and custody of incarcerated offenders. Their duties include booking and classification, movement of prisoners between jail and courts, transportation to and from alternate holding facilities, supervision of laundry and meal preparation, monitoring visitations, supervision of offender work crews, accounting for prisoner property and funds, and tracking prisoner time served.

The City of Yakima also contracts with the Yakima County Department of Corrections for the housing of female inmates, inmates being held on felony charges, and inmates requiring specific individualized care.